Partnering with You for Success

Your Fab 5 Success Partner will play an important role in your success; she will remind you of your life goals and humbly share the lessons she has learned from her own personal successes and failures and encourage you to carry out your action plan to accomplish your life goals.   Your Fab 5 Sucess Partner will celebrate your successes and be a constant support to you.  

Fab 5 "Success" Partners


Karen Rae Selm

Kristy Dankovich

Karen Rae Selm

Karen Rae is the owner of Karen Rae Advertising, founder of Fab 5 Global, and Executive Director of Positive Impact Worldwide a nonprofit organization that  provides food and other life essentials and educational programs to individuals in the Tampa Bay Area & beyond.  Karen has a heart for "helping others" and looks forward to "helping you" achieve your life goals!   


Ashley Kristine

Kristy Dankovich

Karen Rae Selm

Ashley Kristine is a special needs school teacher who has a heart of gold; she is humble, kind and courageous!  Ashley will compassionately, gently, and graciously encourage, challenge, and motivate you to achieve your life goals, and during the tough times when you may be discouraged, sidetracked or suffering from a loss of focus, Ashley will support you.  


Kristy Dankovich

Kristy Dankovich

Kristy Dankovich

Kristy is a wife, mother of two young adult daughters, homemaker and owner of ChiChi's Salon.  Kristy is patient, kind and understanding.  Kristy knows how difficult it can be to "balance it all" however she knows from personal experience that it can be done and she will help you to gain confidence in yourself and inspire you to live the life of your dreams.  


success is sweeter when shared with others


Your Fab 5 "Success" Partner Will:

Encourage and Support You

It’s expected that you’ll encounter hardships and trials on your way to achieving the life of your dreams. It’s during times like these that you’ll really need someone who will understand and support you – no matter how crazy you might sound or act like.  

Collaborate and Brainstorm with You

Your Fab 5 Success Partner will help you with your daily action plan for living a balanced life, a life that you will love!   Being able to collaborate with someone who understands you and your life goals is critical to moving forward and having success.  

Motivate and Help You Keep Your Focus

Your Fab 5 Success Partner will motivate you to accomplish the tasks and goals that you have set for yourself; she is there to keep you focused, motivated and on task for achieving your life goals and so much more!  


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